Policy Creation and Review

Policy Creation and Review


We help clients create policies that are effective and responsive to their evolving needs. We work with international donors and financing institutions to not only create policies but also to synchronize their policies with those of their beneficiaries and agents. This not only ensures that objectives are met but they are achieved with integrity and accountability.

We work with county governments and government institutions in creating and reviewing policies to ensure that they are not only within the law but also within the spirit of the law and are focused on successful implementation of sustainability and development goals.

Legal Audit, Due Diligence and Compliance

Legal Audit, Due Diligence and Compliance


We conduct legal audit of various functions of our clients to ensure that they are compliant, efficient and reduce the risk of legal liability and penalties. These include audit of Human Resource, Procurement, Documentary, Statutory and Regulatory compliance, data management, contractual performance, Policy implementation, among others.

We conduct due diligence on behalf of our clients thereby securing their interests in their interactions and transactions. We also facilitate compliance to enable our clients avoid penalties and meet the legal requirements for certification.


Ogo Law Trainings


We conduct trainings to prepare and equip our clients to address and mitigate emerging legal challenges that are unique to their sector.

We conduct: In house trainings. Training sector actors on implementation and enforcement. Trainings and lectures in universities and colleges on emerging areas of law. Training on statutory, regulatory and policy enforcement.


Ogo Law Legal Advisory Services


We offer legal advisory services to our clients either as a continuous legal retainer or on a project to project basis.

Some of the areas we have worked on include: Advisory on production sharing contracts, Advisory and restructuring environmental sustainability programs, Advisory on environmental and conservation management law and governance structures, Advisory on forestry law and policies to private sector, government and communities, Advisory on challenges facing the Oil and Gas sector, Advisory on immigration laws and compliance Advisory on energy performance contracting Advisory on project funding structures

Support Legal Services

Ogo Law Legal Services Support


We tailor our support legal services to suit our client needs. This has in the past been achieved through board membership and advisory, seconding staff and provision of external legal services that serve the core activities of the firm/organization/government entity.

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